Thursday, March 17, 2011

First step towards Hacking

* The first and foremost step towards becoming a hacker is to learn atleast two programing languages. With c, vb and visual c++, you can do almost anything.

* One OS should be at your fingertips(preferebly linux).

* Read articles written by experienced hackers.

* Join hacking forums and post some articles. Answer the questions of newbie. The folowing forums i use mostly-

You can find more sites just google it.

* Since the enttire internet works on TCP/IP, you should learn TCP/IP to understand more about networks.

* Keep an eye on latest exloits out there and try to understand how it works. You can find at-

So, keep learning and keep hacking. Good luck....will be back soon with some new tutorials and hacks.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What is Hackers and Crackers ?

Oflate, a lot of people are curious to know about hacking. But they stuck at very first step. What is hacking? What is the diffrences between hackers and crackers? Basically to start the journey of hacking you must know who are hackers and what does a hacker do?So here I am going to give a short description about this.

A hacker is a specialist programmer who enjoys solving the unsolved problems in the internet world. Hackers find out vulnerablities in a system and help the administrator to fix that vulnerablity. They don't tamer data or crash the syatem. Cracker on the other hand are also good at programming but their intentions are malacious. The try to detroy crucial data or crash a critical system. They gain illegal access to the root in a vulnerable system.

Basically hackers have three classes-
1. Elite Hackers
2. Intermediate Hackers
3. Script Kiddies

Script kiddies are the class of people who don't have any programming knowledge. They tools and techniques programmed by other hackers and crackers without knowing how they work and what is going on the background.

Intermediate hackers have programming knowledge and they know how those tools and techniques work but they too use softwares and techniques made by hackers or crackers.

Elite hackers are the real hackers. They wirte the tools and techniques to hack any system which the script kiddies and intermediate hackers use. They are very good at programming and networking. They enjoys writing codes.

Hope it will helpful to you to start the journey of hacking. Keep an eye for the next post. Plese comment if i go wrong anywhere in this post.