Monday, May 31, 2010

Bulletstorm announced for 2011

Electronic Arts and Epic Games have announced the making of Bulletstorm which will reach our shors in 2011 with its signature ‘kill with skill’ gameplay and stunning graphics based on the latest Unreal 3 engine.
This game is about a wild and frantic first-person shooter that’s set in a future where two hired soldiers,Graysonn Hunt and Ishia Sato, are exiled to a planet on the other side of the galaxy.Here the players have to step into Grayson’s shoes and battles hordes of mutants and flesh eating gangs in a former utopia.

This is the first major public announcement of the game since 2008, when epic announced that EA would be the publisher of the action game by People can fly.

The skill shot XP system rewards the player with outrageously large guns and major character upgrades, and is supposed to induce “frantic gameplay” and “incite mayhem”.But unfortunately no screenshot yet released.


Twitter’s official annual developer festival “CHIRP”came to a fruitful close on 15th of april.If you have missed the event then here is the roundup of the evevnt.
This was twitter’s frst such developer meet which have over 100,000 third party applications developed for their platform.At the conference, a lot of announcements were made about the features that will be implemented in the near future and the features that are already in action.

• Twitter is working on the feature called point of intrest, which will provide support for working with Geo-location features.
• Twitter introduced a whole bunch of new API features such as the new User Stream feature, which will allow desktop applications to work with user’s posts, retweets, direct messages and response; all in one development model.